Magnus O’Mallon


5 December 2023

Signed Bar Roll

2 May 2024


9225 7444



Brian Bourke Chambers

Profile Details

Magnus O’Mallon is available for briefs in criminal and civil law matters. He is available to appear in all metropolitan and regional courts.

Prior to coming to the bar, Magnus worked as a judge’s associate to Their Honours Judge Smith, Judge Kelly and Judge Palmer of the County Court of Victoria. In this role, he learnt about all aspects of the criminal justice system, and also worked in common law and commercial law matters. He assisted with the conduct of trials in all of these areas, as well as serious injury applications, pleas and appeals. For some time during his work with Judge Smith, His Honour was also head of the defamation list, and Magnus assisted with the running of defamation trials.

Magnus holds a Juris Doctor from Melbourne Law School, where he graduated with a certificate of academic excellence.

He also holds a Bachelor of Music (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

He writes fiction and is a trained concert pianist.

He is reading with Matthew Page, and his senior mentor is Nicholas Robinson KC.