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With the objective of coming to the Bar Huw commenced work at the County Court as the Associate to Judge Campton to gain experience in the main trial court of Victoria. With exposure to both the criminal and civil jurisdictions and a collaborative working relationship with Judge Campton he has a good understanding of trial practice and of the decision making process undertaken by the Courts.

He has gained valuable knowledge about the sentencing process and how a range of civil matters, particularly personal injuries, are dealt with by the Courts. He was exposed to a wide variety of cases covering many aspects of the law and his responsibilities included researching complex issues and assisting with the preparation of written decisions.

Huw also worked at the OPP as an advocate and as the solicitor for bail and breaches. As an advocate he appeared on a daily basis in the Magistrates' Court in committal mentions, filing hearings, summary pleas, bail and other applications. As the solicitor for bail and breaches he was responsible for the prosecution of breaches of all non-custodial sentences. He appeared on a daily basis in such matters in the County Court. This furthered his understanding of issues relating to the addressing of underlying causes of re-offending.

Before embarking of a career in the legal profession he had a long career as a chef and pastry chef which took him to Sydney, London and finally five fabulous years in Italy. He also speaks fluent Italian.